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Custom Website Design

During the years and through the process of building multiple websites, we have recognized there are two types of healthcare website design and marketing companies. One group uses templates (such as WordPress websites), while the other creates custom website designs for dentists and other healthcare professionals.

Using a template based company could be a problem because you could end up with a website that looks like other dentist or healthcare professional websites. That is why we custom design our websites, so that your website has a unique look and feel for your practice. We aim to drive our websites to the front page of search engine results and provided significant web exposure to help drive new patient traffic through your doors. If you need a new website or want your current website to be revamped and redesigned to drive more new patients into your practice, contact us today.

Specialists in Websites for Dentists

We are focus on designing new or revamping dental websites so that they help to engage prospective patients or referring dentists better. We develop customized websites for dentists because we know your challenges, the specialties, the terminology and the dynamics of how a dental or healthcare practice is run. We understand what marketing strategies work to drive and keep new patients active, and what is needed to create a digital presence of your practice, not just with a website, but also with your online reputation, social media and other marketing strategies. We understand patient privacy issues, patient’s concerns when dealing with first time visits or patient education on types of procedures relevant in your specific specialty. We service dentists, medical doctors, physicians, dermatologists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, dieticians, chiropodists, optometrists and other healthcare professionals with marketing plans that deliver results.

Beautiful Designs, Unique Content, Easy Patient Navigation

We focus on more than just good looks. With our experience and knowledge, we understand the concepts of using the right colors, images, layout and appropriate unique content, that we can help you to write, to engage patient interaction. Our websites are designed to help patients navigate and find the information they are looking for, and you want them to see. Your patient demographics may be different from other healthcare professionals, and so our custom website designs are made to suit the best match between you and the types of patients you are looking to keep as active in your practice.

Better Google Rankings With SEO

Our customized website designs are clean and written with optimized code for faster image and content loading, mobile compatibility (mobile responsive), and advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which means that they have the quality to receive more Google and other browser exposure to reach higher on the search result pages. Our websites consistently rank better than the competition so that they attract more patients, and keep them there to interact with your practice.

Increased Social Networking With SMO

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Competitive Pricing that Provides Value & Results

We understand that cost and pricing can be a sensitive subject, especially with budgets and if you are just starting off. We want you to be comfortable and understand that there is a difference between an expense, fee or cost and an investment. Our custom dental website designs are an investment, because at competitive and fair pricing, we provide great customer care, value, and results as a return of investment. We know you work hard for your money, and you deserve the very best.

Website Metrics and Analytics

We provide you with access to Google Analytics so that you can see how your dental website and SEO is performing. We also use a vast range of our own specialist tools to monitor your site metrics, and those of local competition, to manoeuvre and enhance your standing in the page rankings.

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