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Content Writing

Search engines such as Google look for unique and authoritative content for internet users searching for information. Content can be text, images and videos that all need optimizing to be found by the search engines, or to be shared in Social Media. Well written content with an appropriate word count or images and videos with appropriate file size, helps engage patients and build their trust. It also enables search engines to determine the quality and purpose of a dental website, which will help with utilizing keywords for advanced SEO. On the other hand, poor content, copywriting or duplication, along with poor back-end structure and broken interlinks can have the opposite effect where your site can be penalized and drops in page ranking. ArcPro Media is diligent in structuring and reviewing your website pages and content, as well as that on other sites, to prevent your site from being held back by search engines.

Our content writers research the topic areas, write relevant content on your behalf that you can claim your own, and we can add a matching image to the content before publishing it on your website, or forwarding it to you for you or your web team to load.

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