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When potential patients search online, the first thing they see on Google, specialty dental review sites and on Social Media are the star ratings and reviews. Don’t ignore these as 86% of patients place equal weight on online reviews as they do for personal recommendations. If you do not have a review marketing strategy in place, you are likely missing out on new patients.


Online reviews directly impact:

  • Visibility and search engine rankings
  • How patients choose dentists and dental practices
  • Active patient traffic and revenue
  • More online advocates to submit reviews

Your Online Reviews Are Your Reputation to New Patients

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  • They improve your organic search CTRs (click-through rates) so you drive more traffic to your website and through your doors.
  • They help improve your SEO – Search Engine Optimization, encouraging Google and other search engines to list your higher in the search rankings, above your competition.
  • They provide confident social credibility, ensuring your business is legitimate.
  • They build immediate confidence and trust in patients, something that typically takes time to build.
  • They provide you with priceless feedback, and ensure that your team is focused on patient care and experience.
  • They help you stay relevant and engaged with different patient demographics.


  • A higher volume of reviews, with more positive ratings
  • Continued monitoring of the key review sites
  • Set up of review funnel to easily request patient reviews
  • Submit positive patient reviews to key review sites
  • Manage negative reviews to resolve issues prior to review site submission
  • Instant review responses from our proprietary platform
  • Auto published positive reviews on your website to impress new and active patients
  • Reporting to identify new opportunities and team training


When you provide a service to your patients, you can request them to submit a review, only you can’t force them to submit it. You want to make it easier for them, remind them, and encourage them to spread the good word, or even to notify you first before they submit a poor review giving you an opportunity to fix the issue before they submit it online. But how?


Our Patient Review Funnel Gets More Reviews

We provide an unobtrusive simple way to ask and remind patients to review your dental practice and your services on the sites that matter to you. We call it a “Patient Review Funnel“. Here are the steps involved…


STEP 1: Systematically drive patients to a conversion funnel that navigates them to the dental review sites you and they care about.

We make reviewing your dental practice easy for patients. We give you a short URL and landing page to send them to.

  • Simple process makes it easy for patients
  • Automated campaigns we set up and manage make it easy for you
  • Designed to convert patients into reviewers
  • Promote only the review sites that matter to you
  • Guide patients to sites that don’t require an account for more volume reviews


STEP 2. Increase your review quality and volume and by automatically requesting, reminding and routing happy patients through the process of completing and submitting a review.

  • Mobile-Ready so patients can use any device to submit a review, including tablets or I-pads from within your practice


STEP 3. Get a second chance with unhappy patients by guiding them to express their issue and allow you to correct it before they submit online.

  • Pre-empt negative reviews
  • Give your team a second chance to turn a negative patient experience around
  • Reach unhappy patients before they bad-mouth your practice on the Internet
  • Respond quickly to directly submitted patient reviews to show your level of patient care


STEP 4. See review results with clear monthly reports that highlight actionable areas.

  • We collect and monitor your reviews across dozens of review sites to keep tabs on the health of your online reputation.
  • With our review monitoring, we can alert you whenever a new review is posted about your business anywhere on the Web.
  • Get visibility into practice issues at your location(s)
  • Gain insights into which team members are doing well and which may need training
  • Compares location performance for multiple locations


STEP 5. Leverage and amplify your 4- and 5-star patient reviews by automatically streaming and publishing them to your website.

We’ll collect every review of your dental practice on the Web and re-publish the best ones to your website.

  • This will automatically show the selected latest positive patient reviews of your practice to prospective patients and referring doctors and help increase new patient conversions.


Can’t I Just Buy Reviews?

DANGER: Do not buy reviews. Let me repeat, do not buy reviews!

Buying reviews is a bad idea for your business, as review sites will very likely punish you and they frown upon such behaviour. More so, your prospective patients will be able to identify review trends and falsified statements based on the mix of true and falsified reviews, and their experiences should they use your services. Its better to provide a valued service, and earn their trust the right way.

What are you waiting for? Start using reviews the professional way to help engage new active patients!

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